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  1. Are Top VPN Providers Really Safe?

    January 8, 2014 by Johan

    This is one of the common questions that cautious internet users tend to ask when looking for a VPN service. There may be contradicting answers to this question but doing enough research before using any VPN service is the key to ensuring your online privacy. There are free and paid services out there, so it is a matter of what you want. Paid VPN services are considered the best for online privacy since they provide stable and encrypted connections. The VPN market is really flocked with many providers who claim to offer the best service. Some have built a stellar reputation in the provision of VPN services and so maybe considered the top or the best. But the question that many people keep asking is if top VPN providers are really safe.

    When considering to use a VPN service it is quite important to read the privacy policy of the company. Take the time to read it again and again since some companies may not be very straightforward. There are many top VPN service providers out there like TorGuard, Private Internet Access, Btguard, Torrentprivacy, Faceless, Ipredator etc that offer quality service. While they may be recommended to you, it is important to do your research to choose a VPN product that you really think is the best fit for your needs. The most essential thing to pay attention to is the technology used. There are many fly-by-night VPN service providers that pop up every day with promises of quality services when they really do not have the technology to back them up.

    We know that there are companies that claim to be the best or have been recommended to you as the top service providers, but the best thing you can do is not to take in what they say. If they are really effective and reliable, they will back up their claims and will be willing to welcome you do an additional research before deciding to use their services.

    In conclusion, not everything is perfect, and anything created by man may be prone to failure. All you have to do is research extensively and consider using trial services before opting to buy a product. One general fact that you need to put in mind is that the traffic between your VPN exit server and your destination is always unencrypted. Therefore, whatever VPN service you use, consider using additional tools to ensure total online security. For example, you can combine a service provider like Tor and a VPN to ensure total online anonymity.