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  1. Car Insurance For Young Drivers

    January 18, 2013 by Johan

    If you have a new driver in your household, you are most likely wondering what you are going to do to keep your monthly insurance premiums as low as possible. Keep in mind that the new driver can influence the amount of money that you have to pay each month. This is why many parents prefer to have the drive or get a job so that they can help pay for the premiums.

    In order to keep the car insurance rates as low as possible, the new driver needs to get decent grades in school. This will show the insurance company that they are a responsible person. Your rates will go down and all will be well.

    Take your time and do some research online before deciding which insurance company you would like to do business with. This way, you can compare quotes without having to spend a long time on the phone.

    If the new driver is willing to carpool back and forth to school as often as possible, your insurance rates will also go down. We all know that we are asked how many miles the car is driven. The more miles that the car is driven, the higher the car insurance premiums are going to be.

    The last way that you will be able to save money on car insurance for your teenage driver is to be very specific about the car that they are driving. It may not hurt to get in touch with the insurance agency in advance. Ask them which type of car will be the most affordable to insure. A two door sports car is obviously going to cost more than a four door family car. A pickup truck with 4 Wheel Drive is also going to be more expensive than a 2 Wheel Drive pickup truck. Obviously, your new driver is going to want a sports car. This is something that should be put off until they have a good job and they are paying their own premiums. Keep in mind that as they grow older, their premiums will go down.

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